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Saturday, 19 October 2013

the conclusion of the tragedy ^.^

     As the conclusion, 13 May tragedy 1969 sure gives a dark blot in the nation’s history. It is seem like a nightmare to all citizens in Malaysia where it brings bad impacts towards the country and the people itself.  Therefore, this tragedy should become a lesson in order to improve our country. We should always be remind that the unity of the people is the key towards county development rather than keep fighting and dissatisfied with each other.  If the crises arise between the Malaysian, then it will give impacts towards Malaysia economic, politic, and social. We as the people who live in the country should together unite In order to develop a harmony and progressive country, and make the world fear towards the union strength of Malaysian people.

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solution taken to overcome the problem~

       The immediate action that had been made in order to control the situation was by sending some 2000 royal Malay regiment soldier and 3600 police officers.  After the national emergency had been made, the country was been rule by the king and Tunku Abdul Rahman had withdrawn from his position , Majlis Gerakan Negara (MAGERAN) had been form in order to overcome the problem and the riots that happen. The form was to find the cause and solution so that the tragedy will not be repeated.  So, the action that had been taken at that time is to form new rule where the country and the citizen had to be control under one new rule which is the National Principles (Rukun Negara) to improve society understanding of the constitution. The, the new economic policy (Dasar Ekonomi Baru) also had been launch to eliminate the different identification of race with economic activities and to eradicate the poverty.

The National Philosophy 
( Rukun Negara) :

Belief in God

Loyalty to king and country

Supremacy of the constitution

The rule of law

Mutual respect and good social behavior.


The functions of MAGERAN :
To bring a peace, harmony and the country’s law.
To determine the smooth and perfect authority.
To bring back the harmony and the trust between multi-races citizen in country.

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the factors and the effects from the tragedy

continue 5 and 6 factors..
5. Dissatisfaction against the Malay right

     The PAP dissatisfaction on the Malays’ special right issue had become the factor that contribute to the tragedy, where they had claimed that others races right have set aside and have been isolated from justice.  Besides, the various rights that Malays have such as the Malays special right, citizenship rights, language, and education have raise their anger towards Malays.

6. Malay as the national language.

    The language issue had raised the other party anger where they did not agree with the Malaysia federal constitution regarding the national language after the independence in 1957.

the Effects from the tragedy ^_^''

      The tragedy had lead to many loss of life among the races where officially around 196 people were died in the riots between 13may and 31july 1969, 149 were wounded, 753 cases of arson were logged and 211 vehicles were destroyed or severely damage. the large amount of dead had contribute to the declaration of National Emergency (Darurat)  on the night may16, 1969 by the King (Yang Dipertuan Agong) under martial law and The Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman had to withdraw from leading the ceremony and replace with the Deputy Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak.

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Friday, 18 October 2013

the factors that lead to the crisis ??

~There are several reasons that lead the13 may tragedy to occur which are the Bias treatment by the Japanese army, Subdivision policy and British colonial order, Different educational backgrounds, Political parties disputes, Dissatisfaction against the Malay rights and Malay as the national language.
(but for this entry i will just go through the four factors, while for the rest two i will continue with next entry) ''^-^''
1. The Bias treatment by the Japanese army

      The bias treatment during the Japanese colonization in our country has made sense towards the Malaysian citizen especially the Chinese people. This is because during that time, the people were treat differently by them. The Chinese were treated badly rather than Malay people.  The war that happened between Chinese and japan back then become the reasons of the unfair treatment towards the Chinese people at that time. So, these unfair treat lead to hateful and anger feeling towards Malay people.

2. Subdivision policy and British colonial order

       The British colonial policy or the subdivision concept or in malay we known as “Dasar pecah dan perintah” that been practice by the British in our country had made a racial gap between society from all races especially in economic aspect. For instance, the Chinese people who live in cities will involve in business and also in mines area where they were a miner and become the assets in the economy. While, the malay people live in rural area such as a farmer or fishermen. Indians people were involved in the estate area, where they become a laborers and government estate employees. This shows that the economic position for malays and Indians are more self-sufficiency. The different economic pattern at that time had created a gap between them and lead to economic imbalance.
3. Different educational backgrounds
     The educational system during the British colonial had raised the dissatisfaction feeling between the societies. The different system that has been practiced is education base on the race, where malay, Chinese and Indians get a different education. Malay people were get into malay school and will learn on writing, reading and calculation skills. While, Chinese and Indians will learn base on their origin country where the texts books and teachers are been brought from china and India. So, this have strengthen the ethnic distinct. Thus, the English school was only accessible for Chinese and Indians who lived in the cities.

4. Political parties disputes

     In the 1964 elections, the people action party/ parti tindakan rakyat (PETIR) or PAP Singapore participated in the election and Had put nine candidates, even there had been an agreement between Tunku and Lee Kuan Yew(PAP leader) that they will not participate in that election. However, after the declaration that MCA will be maintain in that alliance party by Tunku, PAP who fail to get into the alliance had change its campaign pattern and start to attacking UMNO and the Malay. They start to questioning and raising on certain issue such as the special position of the malay, language, and the Malays native status. Then, after lose in the election, PAP established konvensyen perpaduan Malaysia (KPM), accompanied by parti progresif rakyat and parti rakyat bersatu Sarawak where they had spread the slogan “the rights of Malaysian Malaysia” (Malaysian Malaysia). The intention of this slogan is to eliminate the Malays special rights and native status.
the 5 and 6 factors on the next entry... :)

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Brief introduction of the tragedy

   For the introduction of The 13 may tragedy or known as the racial riots tragedy, I will explains a little bit on how it was happened. The 13 may tragedy  is one of the unforgettable moments in our country that leaves without answer and create a black spot in the history where it because of the demands of the different ethnic communities within the political order. The May 13 incident took place over three or four days. It happens after the general election of Malaysia when election candidates and politicians from the opposition, has raised several questions of race that related with Malaysian national language (Bahasa Melayu), the special position of Malays as “Bumiputera” and citizenship rights of non- Malay. Whereas, they (the Chinese) were no longer satisfied with the economic domination and wanted a protective share of the political power.

   Therefore, this gave the opportunity and benefits for the politicians to win the elections. It happens when the Chinese Democratic Action Party (DAP) and the Malaysian People’s Movement Party (Gerakan) wins and made a march for celebrating the victory in Batu, Selangor. The march had raised a misunderstanding and anger of Malay people in that area where majority of them are from the opposite parties and this is where it all begins, “the crisis between the races”.  :)

therefore, the objectives of the blog regarding this topic are :
  1. To get a further explanation and information on the racial riots that happen in our country.
  2. To become a lesson so that we would not repeat the same mistake again that can ruin our country.

for further explaination and a clear vision on this tragedy :  

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